How to tie the Palomar Knot


How to tie the Palomar Knot for Inshore Fishing in Bradenton: The Palomar knot the best fishing knot, a step by step explanation. The quickest and most popular method to tie a fishing hook knot. Video tutorial shows tying the strongest knot for braided line. Fishing Knots are very easy and simple. In the video below, you will see a demonstration How to tie a Palomar Knot. (tie a hook to a fishing line). The Palomar knot is probably the easiest fishing knot. The Palomar knot is one of the best fishing knots for lures, hooks or swivels. In this video, I demonstrate how to tie the Palomar knot on braid and monofilament and discuss the pros and cons of the Palomar knot.

The Palomar Knot is one of the most popular knots among both freshwater and saltwater anglers given its stronghold and the fact that it can be tied very quickly. Overall, the Palomar knot provides a very strong connection (even winning many knot strength contests) while being easier to tie than many of the other popular knots. My only issue with the Palomar knot is the fact that it is more difficult to use when tying to artificial lures… especially plugs with multiple sets of treble hooks. The added difficulty when tying it to lures is that part of the sequence requires the lure to pass through a loop you create in the line. This is a non-issue for plain hooks but becomes difficult when using large plugs. Regardless, the Palomar knot is a must-know for both saltwater and freshwater fisherman. We hope you enjoy this training video. Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

How to tie the Palomar Knot for Inshore Fishing in Bradenton

This video is for those who aren’t merely concerned with the simple question of “how to tie a Palomar knot”… It’s for the next level for those who are seeking to learn the strongest Palomar knot style for braided line. And you might be shocked to learn that the “traditional” way of tying the popular Palomar knot isn’t exactly the strongest when it comes to braiding… As you know, braid and mono have very different characteristics… which makes for the knots used on each type of line to be performed differently depending on the line. And this is completely true for the very popular Palomar Knot too… We actually did a knot contest specifically for the Palomar knot for both braid and mono lines in which we tested different ways of tying the Palomar knot and then we compared their breaking strengths. And not too surprisingly, we found that tying a Palomar the traditional style was not the best option for braided line… This is because the knot was made popular well before braided line became the top choice for many fishermen. And the traditional style is more for mono, so that leaves us with a problem on how to make it more effective for braid. Well, that answer is very simple and is in line with how other popular knots like the Palomar have been modified for braid… Just double any and all twists/turns in the knot… This is because braid has much less friction so requires more loops/twists to ensure it doesn’t pull. And our test proved that to be true… the best-modified Palomar for braid ended up being exactly double of the two turns of a traditional Palomar knot… This Palomar knot video shows exactly how to tie it. We call it the “Improved Palomar Knot” for braid.

4 EASY STEPS FOR TYING THE PALOMAR KNOT for Inshore Fishing in Bradenton :

    1. Double about 6 inches of line and pass through the eye of the hook
    2. Tie a simple overhand knot in the doubled line, letting the hook hang loose. Avoid twisting the lines.
    3. Pull the end of the loop down, passing it completely over the hook.
    4. Moisten and pull both ends of the line to draw up the knot. Trim excess.

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