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DOUBLE SURGEON’S LOOP: Also referred to as the Surgeons Knot. The Surgeon’s Loop is basically a Double Overhand Knot. It can be connected quickly and fast at the end of a line. It is typically utilized to make a “Loop to Loop” connection in the same way that two rubber bands can be hooked into each other.


In this post, you’ll see the results from some strength tests of the Surgeon’s Loop knot when used on a fishing line made from the braid.

This knot is typically utilized in place of the Bimini Twist for doubling over the braid because it is much quicker and easier to connect.

The function of doubling over the braid is due to the fact that it most often makes it possible for a stronger braid to fluoro/mono knot due to having two strands of braid going into the knot compared to simply one.
The main usage for the double surgeon’s knot is attaching tippet to your leader. Although some other knots might be a little smoother and straighter, this knot is so simple it can be connected blindfolded. Variations of the double surgeon’s knot can also be utilized to add a dropper fly, a tag end for weight and even connecting a fly.

Well, let’s jump into tying the double surgeon knot. For demonstration functions, I’m using contrasting fly lines.

Hold two inches of a line parallel to one another.
The Double Surgeon’s Loop is easier to tie than a perfection loop in heavy tippet, but the standing part of the leader is cocked off to one side.

See detailed directions listed below for each step in tying The Double Surgeon’s Loop.
Bend a loop in the leader, so that the tag end overlaps the standing part for about 5 inches. Pinch the top of the loop with one hand, and the bottom of the loop near the tag end with the other. With the doubled area of the line, connect a loose overhand knot.

Pass the single loop through again to produce a double overhand knot.

Lube the knot with saliva and tighten up by pinching the tag and standing parts of the line with one hand and pulling the loop in the opposite direction.

How To Tie The Surgeon Loop Knot
The different types of the surgeon’s knot are popular because it is so simple to tie while also having a surprisingly strong holding strength.

Surgeon’s Loop Knot Steps
1. Double over the line (length based upon the size loop you desire).
2. Turn the end of the loop into a point.
3. Wrap the loop point into a circle.
4. Thread the loop point through the circle and pull it through.
5. Repeat this action 2 to 5 more times (more wraps = more strength).
6. Pull-on all 4 hairs to tighten up down the knot.
7. Cut off the tag.


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