Inshore Charter Boat Fishing St. Petersburg Florida

The" Dream Team" Inshore Charter Boat Fishing

The” Dream Team” Inshore Charter Boat Fishing

One benefit is having a tower on your boat or skiff so when the water is clears it allows me to see where the fish are on the flat and in the holes. For  instance one Monday I had a couple of minutes to scan over certain spots to see if they were holding fish. Low and behold, one spot had a big pile of snook and a few redfish.

Inshore Charter Boat Fishing St. Petersburg Florida : for Snook

I do not know why, but I think the snook closure of a couple of years after that dreadful winter sometime back, has allowed the few remaining survivors to grow to large size. Not the huge 25 pound hogs, but the nice 20 pound pigs. What I see these days are more of the big breeders than even the little scooters of 2-4 pounds, which should mean good breading seasons and future proliferation of the species.

Three years ago we had a real bad freeze in Tampa bay that in my humble opinion killed 75% of the snook population due to the cold water. Indeed, even this State has shut down snook harvesting on the west coast of Florida still. Point being, snook are all catch and release game fish until further notice. Which, by the way would suit me fine if they completely closed this most excellent fishery for harvest 5 more years, as it takes 3-5 years for a snook to reach breeding size.

Inshore Charter Boat Fishing St. Petersburg Florida: How Times have Changed

How times have changed in almost 25 years of snook catching inshore. These days we use the liveliest of scaled sardines, pinfish, threadfins, shrimp, pigfish, cut ladyfish, or menhaden caught daily, with huge cast nets, the best of round live wells, with fresh water pumping in, and spots fished that our mothers don’t even know about. All, just to stay one notch ahead of the competition.

One thing that I constantly remind myself is one always must keep learning the nuances of snook to truly master the art of catching snook inshore. Now, I may not be the baddest snook fisherman on the block, but after 25 years of hard inshore snook fishing, I do know I certainly am not the worst.

Inshore Charter Boat Fishing St. Petersburg Florida: Catch and Release?

Snook are simply too much fun catching and releasing in my view. Perpetuate the species and everyone will be able to enjoy catching a giant fish that can obtain speeds to 40 knots in 2 seconds, and that’s what would happen as fish would have the chance to grow to 25lbs. Which once was common is seldom seen anymore.

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