Siesta Key, Florida– Absolutely nothing clears the beach like somebod…

Siesta Key, Florida– Absolutely nothing clears the beach like somebody yelling “shark.” It occurred at Siesta Key Beach on Saturday when a shark remained for an hour.

Esther Forestandi was sunning on Siesta Key Beach when the screams surprised her. She says, “They started shrieking ‘shark, shark.’ ”

On the sandbar 50 feet off shore, a shark was surging in the water. Forestandi grabbed her mobile phone and started taping. She states the shark stayed there for an hour.

“You see him on the sandbar, you might see the entire body out imitating a stalker, moving, shaking all side to side,” states Forestandi.

“It’s really kicking hard … it’s pursuing something right there.”.

After studying Forestandi’s minute-long video, Dr. Bob Hueter, Mote’s senior researcher and director for Mote Marine Laboratory’s Center for Shark Research study, determined the shark as a young fantastic hammerhead in between 6 to 8 feet long.

Hueter states, “This is the beginning of tarpon season. They prefer to enter shallow water pursue tarpon other fish.”.

Fantastic hammerheads can adult to 20 feet. The one installed at Mote Fish tank is 14.5-feet long and weighed almost 1,300 hundred pounds, the biggest caught utilizing rod and reel. The excellent hammerhead found on Siesta Secret is half its size.

Hueter states beachgoers did the best thing and left the water but don’t need to be too concerned when finding a great hammerhead.

“They’re remarkable and look eerie however are not that dangerous to people,” says Hueter. He adds, “Seeing an animal like that swimming up and down the beach is an excellent indication for the health of the ocean. We do not have trash on the beach, don’t have red tide, it’s an advantage.”.

Forestandi is at the beach weekly she’s a devoted swimmer. She states, “I enjoy the water. I hope the shark don’t like me.”.

Dr. Hueter states to prevent sharks it’s best to swim from 9am to 5pm, don’t swim where individuals are fishing or there’s any fish activity and do not use any bright colored swimsuit or glossy jewelry– a shark might puzzle you for tarpon or other food source.